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Running Time: 8:21

This is the track that made me check out "The Seven and the Ragged Tiger" album. While "The Reflex" and "Union of the Snake" from the same LP were more successful, "New Moon on Monday" remained as my favorite tune from the fab five. I was able to get an Indonesian bootleg cassette containing a collection of Duran Duran remixes in 1986. Upon hearing the extended mix of this track, I was blown away that I must have worn out the tape in less than a month. No vinyl copy was available in the record stores in Manila that I've been to at that time. Not even sure if the extended version was officially released locally. Then, about a year later, I've come across an exact, new copy of the imported bootleg cassette in a small bookstore in the countryside. Bought it immediately and made sure it was kept in pristine condition. But, as you know it, the sound of cassette tapes deteriorates even with the best of care. Then...
Fast forward to 1998 when I saw the CD "Night Versions: The Essential Duran Duran". Grabbed the item right away only to be a little disappointed because "New Moon..." was on the enhanced second disc and was in low-fi MONO!!! Then, a year later (again)... the 2-disc album "Strange Behaviour" was released. This time, "New Moon..." has been included along with the other remixes of the band. In the wink of an eye, I purchased the compilation and sold the "Night Versions CD" the following week.
These things I have mentioned in order to give you an idea how much this song means to me... and while it took me some time to give it an Evo-XR treatment, I'm quite happy with the end result. I used the extended and album versions to stretch the mix to over 8 minutes. Enjoy!
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Hi edynho. I appreciate your leaving comments on the remixes that you like. You're always welcome here at Evo-XR Remixes. CHEERS!!!

McDoC (from the Philippines)

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