Friday, May 22, 2009


Running Time : 6:45

The Alarm's "Electric Folklore, Live" showcased the amazing energy emanating from this band when they perform live. Among their songs included in that live album, "Rescue Me" (originally from the studio album "Eye of the Hurricane") has got to be the stand out. An Evo-XR treatment was done using Mike Peters' Acoustic version, The Alarm's Tearing the Bonds Asunder Mix and album version.

I'd like to thank elevatorman from Dirk's Wonderful 70s & 80s Forum who was kind enough to share the extended version with me.

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What is Evo-XR?

The EVOlution of eXtended Re-edits, also Reconstructions of some of my favorite songs in classic 70s-80s style of mixing.

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