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Running Time: 6:58

From Wikipedia:
The original Q project was composed of Stacey Swain as lead singer, Jon St. James on guitars, and Dan Van Patten and John Van Tongeren on vocoder and synthesizer. In 1982 the band reformed with two new members, drummer Karl Moet and synth player Rich West, alongside the official lineup of Van Tongeren, St. James and Swain. After the reformation, St. James was forced to change the name of Q because of copyright problems (famed producer Quincy Jones reportedly had "established use of the 'Q' moniker"). Swain explained in a 2006 radio interview that the band was renamed SSQ after Jon St. James "was fishing in a lake 'no bigger than a bathtub' and made a joke that the boat was the 'S.S. Q,'" referring to the current band Q. St. James had another reason for the name: "SS" stood for "Stacey Swain", who had become the most recognized of the band's members.

From the synth band SSQ way back in 1983. Not really a big hit but I really like this song and remember playing it again and again back in the day. The band's music videos helped lead vocalist Stacey Swain become popular, eclipsing other members of the band. In 1985, Stacey released her solo album as "Stacey Q" (remember "Two of Hearts", in 1986?) with her SSQ bandmates as musicians. Well, here's my re-edit of Synthicide. Hope you check it out.

If you're not familiar with this song, check out this video uploaded by Slavolicious on YouTube:

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